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Outdoor Unit Maintenance - Fujitsu FO20R Series Installation Instructions Manual

Variable speed r-410a heat pump outdoor units
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10.1 Outdoor Coil Cleaning
The outdoor fan draws air across the coil during
operation which results in contaminants collecting
on and between the aluminum fins. These
contaminants restrict the air-flow through the coil
resulting in reduced capacity and efficiency and
increases the temperature of the components that
can reduce their life. Therefore, it is recommended
that the outdoor coil be cleaned at least annually
by a qualified service technician using a non-
corrosive coil cleaner and low pressure water
hose sprayer. Care must be taken not to damage
or flatten out the fins by spraying the fins from
10.2 Cabinet Cleaning and Care
Annual cleaning of the exterior cabinet is
recommended using a mild detergent, water, and
cloth/sponge to remove dust, mold, and potentially
corrosive contaminants that have collected on the
cabinet. It is also recommended to apply a good
quality automotive wax to the painted metal cabinet
parts annually to protect the finish and to restore
the gloss of the paint. Do not apply wax to the
plastic parts.
10.3 Motor Lubrication
The ball bearings in the outdoor motor are pre-
lubricated by the motor manufacturer and do
not have oiling ports. The motor will run for
an indefinite period of time without additional
10.4 Replacement Parts
Any replacement part used to replace parts
originally supplied on equipment must be the same
as or an approved alternate to the original part
supplied. The manufacturer will not be responsible
for replacement parts not designed to physically
fit or operate within the design parameters the
original parts were selected for.


an angle. Washing from the top of the coil down
from the inside out is the most effective method of
cleaning the coil. The exterior louver panels and
unit top are easily removable to facilitate the coil
cleaning task.
WARNING: Disconnect electrical power to
the unit before removing the top panel or any
electrical panel as the fan motor could start at
any time and live electrical connections will be



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