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Fujitsu FO20R Series Installation Instructions Manual page 26

Variable speed r-410a heat pump outdoor units
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5.4 Initial System
Using the Digital Control Center service menu (See
Section 5.5 below) or using the thermostat (See
Section 5.6 below), put the system into the charg-
ing mode which will force it to operate at 100%
capacity and indoor air-flow which is necessary for
accurate indoor air-flow verification and refriger-
ant charging. Check to make sure "On-Demand
Dehumidification" is turned off in the Digital Control
Center (or on the air-handler or gas furnace control
board for conventional 24VAC control applications).
5.5 Entering Charge
Mode Using Digital
Control Center Service
1. Set the "Mode" to the "OFF" position.
2. Select "SERVICE" on the Digital Control Center
3. Select "ODU Checkout". If the next screen dis-
plays a flashing "Lock-Out" message, there will
be up to a 5 minute delay before it is possible
to continue.
4. Once the flashing lock-out message disap-
pears, touch OFF on the screen displayed to
the right of "Var Speed ODU Test".
5. Touch the "UP" arrow repeatedly until the "Heat
Charge" or "Cool Charge" menu item is dis-
played depending on which mode the system is
to be charged in.
6. Touch "Start Test".
7. System will now operate at 100% of capacity
and indoor air-flow to allow proper indoor air-
flow verification and refrigerant charging until
the Charge Mode is manually ended. There
may be a delay before the system actually
starts. If the system doesn't start, cycle power
to both the indoor and outdoor units and repeat
steps 1-6.
8. Note: When charging in the heating mode,
the system will initiate a defrost cycle every 34
minutes if the coil temperature is below 35ºF
[1.7ºC] to assure the coil stays frost free dur-
ing the charging process. Allow the system to
complete the defrost cycle and stabilize for at
least 10 minutes before attempting to evaluate
the charge level.
9. To end Charge Mode, touch the "UP" arrow
repeatedly until "OFF" is displayed on the
screen and then touch "Stop Test". Then touch
the left arrow on the screen to return to the
main screen.
10. If the indoor blower continues to run continu-
ously after exiting the Charge Mode, cycle the
power to the air-handler or furnace.
5.6 Entering Charge
Mode When Using a
Conventional 24VAC
1. Set the thermostat to the cool or heat mode
depending on which mode the system is to be
charged in.
2. Adjust the set point several degrees below
(cool mode) or above (heat mode) the room
temperature to assure the thermostat is calling
for operation and will continue to do so through-
out the charging process.
3. When the charging process is complete, adjust
the temperature set-point to the desired level.



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