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Fujitsu FO20R Series Installation Instructions Manual page 76

Variable speed r-410a heat pump outdoor units
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12.1 Agency Performance Audit Test Instructions (cont.)
appears at the bottom of the "installer
checkout" screen. Then press the "Stop"
8. Cycle Testing
a. The Aux #1 configuration performed
above permits a N.C. set of contacts to
be connected to these terminals on the air
handler or the furnace controls.
b. When performing the optional AHRI cycle
tests, the Aux #1 terminals should be used
to turn the unit on and off.
c. When the system is desired to be operating
the air handler or furnace control should
sense continuity between the Aux #1 and
Aux C terminals. This continuity will tell
the system to turn on and the Test Mode
selection outlined in step 7 above identifies
the mode and stage of operation.
d. When the unit is desired to be off/not
operating the air handler or furnace control
should sense an open state between the Aux
#1 and the Aux C terminals.
9. Exiting the Test Mode
NOTE: While the test mode is active the
thermostat will not permit return to the home
a. To turn the unit off either press the blue
down button until "stop test" appears at the
bottom of the screen and then press "stop
test" on the "installer checkout" screen or
open the normally closed switch attached to
the air handler or furnace Aux 1 inputs.
NOTE: Once the unit is requested to shut
down there is a 4 min. delay during which
the test mode cannot be changed.
IMPORTANT: The minimum run and
minimum off timers built into the VSODC will
be active while operating in the test mode.
b. Opening the N.C. contact will not exit the test
mode, but will permit the system to perform
a soft shutdown.
c. In order for the system to return to normal
operating mode press the "Stop" button on
the "installer checkout" screen and then
press the back arrow in the bottom left hand
side of the screen two times. This will return
the thermostat to the home screen.



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