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Fujitsu FO20R Series Installation Instructions Manual page 36

Variable speed r-410a heat pump outdoor units
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7.6 Variable Speed Outdoor Control (VSODC) (cont.)
7.6.7 Menu Structure
The VSODC is equipped with a dual 7-segment
LED display and two push buttons (SW2 and
TEST). The display and push buttons work
together to allow the technician access to fault
recall, compressor speed locking, and heating
mode superheat measurement.
The following process can be used to access any
of these menus:
- Press the SW2 and TEST buttons for 5-8
- After this time the dual seven segment LEDs will
show the first menu option (FC).
- To enter a menu, depress the SW2 button
- To toggle to the next menu depress the test
- No action for 5 seconds in the root menu
structure will return the control to normal
Menu Definition:
FC = Fault Codes – by selecting this menu
the control will list the stored numerical fault
codes in order of sequence by which they were
stored. Depressing the SW2 button while a
fault code is shown will increment to the next
fault. Depressing the TEST button will force the
control back to the main menu.
CS = Compressor Speed – For this selection
menu to initiate the requested compressor
speed, there must be an active call for
compressor operation, the compressor must be
operating, and the selection must be static for 5
seconds. The Compressor Start and Run, and
Compressor Shut down algorithms will be used
to obtain the requested compressor speed.
• 3 (MAXIMUM Speed)
• 1 (MINIMUM Speed)
SH (Superheat Measurement)
• The display is to show the following options:
• HI = Superheat is more than 5°F [2.8ºC] above
• hI = Superheat is between 1.5
5°F [2.8ºC] above SH_SP
• 00 = Superheat is within
• lo = Superheat is between 1.5°F [0.8ºC] and
5°F [2.8ºC] below SH_SP
• LO = Superheat is 5°F [2.8ºC] or more below
F [0.8
C] and
1.5°F [0.8ºC] of
manually exited. If this menu is not exited manually
the VSODC will wait 24 hours before returning to
normal operation. During this time the VSODC will
only request the selected compressor speed.
7.6.8 Replacement of the
Each control board in the Communication Network
needs information specific to the unit the control is
installed in. This information is called model data
because it is model specific information required
for the communication network to operate properly
for the specific model installed. The data for a unit
contains information that allows the unit to operate
When a control board requires replacement, it
is important that the replacement board gets the
model data from the old control. The primary way
the replacement control gets this information is by
the memory card that should be installed on the
old control. Remove the memory card from the
old control, replace the control, and reinstall the
memory card on the new control.
The memory card from a different unit should never
be used.
NOTE: Contact the wholesale distributor selling
this unit for training and service manuals.
This mode should be



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