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Components And Controls; Accumulator; Choke/Inductor; Coil Temperature Thermistor - Fujitsu FO20R Series Installation Instructions Manual

Variable speed r-410a heat pump outdoor units
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7.1 Accumulator

All 20 SEER heat pumps are equipped with an
accumulator for the purpose of managing possible
refrigerant flood back issues that may occur at
abnormal environmental conditions.

7.2 Choke/Inductor

The power inverter used in each 20 SEER model
has a matching choke/inductor. The choke
is designed as a low pass filter and increase
inductance. By doing this the input power can
be more efficiently used by the inverter and
7.3 Coil Temperature
20 SEER heat pumps are equipped with a coil
sensor that is used for the purposes of identifying
defrost parameters and low ambient cooling
operational conditions. This thermistor is provided
with the suction line thermistor as a single harness.
7.4 Compressor
20 SEER heat pumps are equipped with a
Copeland variable speed scroll compressor
with a brushless Permanent Magnet motor. The
compressor is designed to work in conjunction
with the Power Inverter Compressor Control and
the Variable Speed Outdoor Control to provide
capacity modulation.
7.5 Discharge Line
20 SEER heat pumps are equipped with a
discharge line thermistor that is used to measure
the compressor discharge temperature. This
sensor's leads connect directly to the inverter
which communicates with the Variable Speed
Outdoor Control (VSODC). The compressor
discharge temperature is continuously monitored
by the controls. The compressor speed is
reduced as needed to prevent excessive discharge
temperatures that would damage the compressor
under extreme environmental conditions. As the
discharge temperature returns to an acceptable
level, the controls will gradually increase the
compressor speed in an attempt to meet the
capacity demand as long as the discharge
temperature remains at a safe level.



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