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Using The Miter Gauge - Bosch 4100 Operating/Safety Instructions Manual

Bosch appliances saw user manual
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Using The Miter Gauge

POUND MITER CUTTING and when RABBETING across the end
of a narrow workpiece, the MITER GAUGE is used.
For your own safety, always observe the following
safety precautions in addition to the safety
instructions on Pages 2, 3, 4 & 5.
Never make these cuts freehand (without using the miter gauge or
other auxiliary devices) because the blade could bind in the cut and
cause a KICKBACK or cause your fingers or hand to slip into the
Always lock the miter gauge securely when in use.
Remove rip fence from table during any operations which utilize the
miter gauge.
The miter includes a "T" groove disk 1 for easy insertion into table
groove and quicker removal from the table (Fig 54).
When cross cutting and the blade set at 90º or 45º to the table, the
miter gauge can be used in either slot on the table. When cross
cutting and the blade is tilted, use slot on right side of table where
the blade is tilted away from your hands and miter gauge.
To adjust the miter angle:
Loosen lock knob 1 and set the miter gauge body 2 so the pointer
3 is at desired angle, then tighten lock knob 1 (Fig. 54).
The miter gauge body 2 will stop at 90º and both right and left 45º.
To rotate the miter gauge body 2 beyond these points, the stop
plate 4 must be flipped out of the way.
Miter Gauge Auxiliary Facing
A template for drilling holes in the miter gauge is provided on page
90, which allows you to attach an AUXILIARY FACING 5 to provide
additional support to cut longer pieces. Select a suitable piece of
smooth straight wood, drill two holes through it and attach it with
screws 6 (Fig. 55).
A. Drill 1/4" dia. holes thru miter gauge.
B. Drill 5/32" dia. holes thru (board 3/4" thick, 3" high, and desired
C. Attach with two No. 12 round head wood screws 1-1/2" long, 6,
not included (Fig. 55).
Be sure screws never protrude above outside surface of facing.
Be sure facing does not interfere with the proper operation of the
saw blade guard.
NOTE: When bevel crosscutting, attach facing so that it extends to
the right of the miter gauge and use the miter gauge in the groove
to the right of the blade.
FIG. 54
FIG. 55

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Table of Contents

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