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Power performance bias
This option allows the OS (hypervisor) to control the node power. Many customers prefer this setting as it
saves on OPEX.
Use the ASU system tool, or other means, to set the power performance bias to OS Controlled:
>asu64 set Power.PowerPerformanceBias "OS Controlled"
Figure 15 illustrates where to change the setting using UEFI setup.
Figure 17. OS Controlled
Configure Boot Order
Use the ASU system tool, or other means, to configure the boot order as follows:
1. CD/DVD Rom
2. Hard Disk 0
3. PXE Network
>asu64 set BootOrder.BootOrder="UEFI Only=CD/DVD Rom=Hard Disk 0=PXE Network"
Figure 16 illustrates the final boot order in the UEFI setup screen.
Lenovo ThinkAgile Hardware Replacement Guide for VX1320 Appliance, VX 1SE Certified Node


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents