Replace A Host Bus Adapter (Hba) - Lenovo ThinkAgile VX1320 Hardware Replacement Manual

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Table of Contents
1. ThinkAgile VX1320 Appliance, VX 1SE Certified Node models must contain one PCIe NIC. For nodes
with multiple NICs, verify which has failed. Identify the failed NIC by either checking in the XCC or
checking the indicator lights on the network ports.
2. Place the node in maintenance mode by following the
Storage and Availability Technical Documents Repository
3. Power off the node and if the cable management arm is not in place, disconnect all the cables. Pull the
node chassis out of the rack.
4. Remove the top cover as described in the
Information Center
5. Replace the defective LOM NIC as described in the
Information Center
6. Close the top cover as described in the
7. Push the node chassis back into the rack and reconnect the cables as necessary. Power on the node.
8. Bring replaced component to the Best Recipe code levels that correspond to the other components in
the solution. All components in the solution must be contained within one Best Recipe listed in
ThinkAgile VX Best Recipe
9. Exit maintenance mode.
10. Verify that the NIC has been successfully replaced:
• Amber warning light on the node front panel is off
• All network ports are fully functional

Replace a host bus adapter (HBA)

A node may be able to self-correct for other adapter card errors, however, a failed HBA can lead to system
degradation and should be quickly addressed.
A failed HBA card is indicated by:
• vCenter Alarms or Hardware Status shows an alert.
• Slow disk performance or slow system performance.
• The hypervisor cannot detect SSDs and HDDs, or the red LEDs on the drives are illuminated.
• The hypervisor or BIOS does not detect the HBA card
Removing the top cover
Closing the top cover
Enter Maintenance Mode
procedure in the
LOM Adapter replacement
procedure in the
Chapter 3
Hardware replacement procedures
procedure in the
in the
ThinkSystem Information


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents