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Replace A Network Interface Card (Nic) - Lenovo ThinkAgile VX1320 Hardware Replacement Manual

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5. Close the top cover as described in the
6. Push node chassis back into the rack.
7. Exit maintenance mode.
8. Verify that the chassis fan is successfully replaced:
• Error LED for the replaced fan is off
• Amber warning light on the node front panel is off
• No error shown in XCC
• No error shown in Lenovo XClarity Administrator web console
• No error shown in Lenovo XClarity Integrator console

Replace a network interface card (NIC)

ThinkAgile VX1320 Appliance, VX 1SE Certified Node models can support one dual/quad port 10GBE/25GBE
port and two 1GBE ports onboard, connected to the motherboard. A node requires network connectivity to
function as part of a cluster. If one network interface is available, the failure of the other network interfaces
does not cause service interruption.
A failed NIC is indicated by:
• No LED is illuminated for the network interface.
• Guest VM performance degrades.
• Guest VMs, the vSphere web console, and esxcli are unavailable.
• VM migration fails with an error message, such as:
The migration was cancelled because the amount of changing memory for the VM
was greater than the available network bandwidth
Figure 10. Intel X550-T2 dual port 10G Base-T adapter
To replace an NIC:
Lenovo ThinkAgile Hardware Replacement Guide for VX1320 Appliance, VX 1SE Certified Node
procedure in the
Closing the top cover
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