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Replace A Chassis Fan - Lenovo ThinkAgile VX1320 Hardware Replacement Manual

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4. Install the power supply as described in the
ThinkSystem Information Center
5. Reconnect the power cable.
6. Verify the power supply is successfully replaced:
• Amber warning light on the server front panel is off
• Green indicator light on each power supply is on
• No error shown in XCC
• No error shown in Lenovo XClarity Administrator web console
• No error shown in Lenovo XClarity Integrator console

Replace a chassis fan

Failed or failing system fans can cause the system to overheat and shutdown. Replace a failed system fan as
soon as possible.
A failed chassis fan is indicated by:
• An error in XCC
• An error in the Lenovo XClarity Controller web console
• An error in the Lenovo XClarity Integrator console
Figure 9. Chassis fan
Note: It is possible to replace the chassis fan while the system is powered on, if the cable management arm
is in place.
To replace a chassis fan:
1. Enter maintenance mode.
2. Pull the node chassis from the rack.
3. Remove the top cover as described in the
Information Center
4. Replace the chassis fan with the error LED on as described in the
ThinkSystem Information Center
Replacing a hot-swap power supply
Removing the top cover
procedure in the
procedure in the
Replacing a hot-swap fan
Chapter 3
Hardware replacement procedures
procedure in



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