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Chapter 3. Hardware Replacement Procedures; Replace A Front Hdd/Ssd - Lenovo ThinkAgile VX1320 Hardware Replacement Manual

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Chapter 3. Hardware replacement procedures

This chapter details procedures to replace hardware in ThinkAgile VX1320 Appliance, VX 1SE Certified Node
models. When instructed to return a part, follow all packaging instructions, and use all supplied shipping/
packaging materials.
Replaceable parts are:
• Structural parts: The user is responsible to purchase and replace structural parts such as chassis
assembly, top cover, and bezel. Lenovo charges to acquire or installs a structural component at user
• Customer replaceable unit (CRU): Replacement of CRUs is the user's responsibility. If Lenovo installs a
CRU upon user request, there is a charge.
• Field replaceable unit (FRU): You may install a FRU yourself or request Lenovo to install it, at no additional
charge, under the type of warranty service that is designated for your server.
For information about warranty terms, go to:
For more information about getting service and assistance, see
The remainder of this chapter is divided into sections of is instructions and procedures to remove and
replace major parts in ThinkAgile VX1320 Appliance, VX 1SE Certified Node models.

Replace a front HDD/SSD

Each ThinkAgile VX1320 Appliance, VX 1SE Certified Node model contains solid-state-drives (SSDs) and
hard-disk-drives (HDDs).
User data is striped across these drives, so they are referred to as "data drives." A node might be able to
self- correct for a data drive failure, but does lead to system degradation. Replace failed data drives quickly.
A failed data drive is indicated by:
• The vSphere Web console displays a disk error.
• The amber LED on the front of a drive carrier is illuminated.
To replace an SSD or HDD in the front of the model:
1. To identify a failed data drive, use the
Technical Documents Repository
2. To prepare to replace a failed cache drive, use the
VMware Storage and Availability Technical Documents Repository
3. To replace a capacity drive, use the procedure
Storage and Availability Technical Documents Repository
4. Replace the hot swap drive as described in the
Information Center
5. Bring replaced component to the Best Recipe code levels that correspond to the other components in
the solution. All components in the solution must be contained within one Best Recipe listed in
ThinkAgile VX Best Recipe
6. Bring the cache drive online by using the
Availability Technical Documents Repository
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Identify Failed Disk
Replacing a Capacity Disk
Hot-swap drive replacement
Creating a Disk Group
Getting help and technical assistance
procedure in the
VMware Storage and Availability
Removing a Failed Cache Drive
procedure in the
procedure in the
procedure in the
procedure in the
VMware Storage and


Table of Contents

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