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Bios Optimization - Lenovo ThinkAgile VX1320 Hardware Replacement Manual

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Figure 14. XCC Console selection of UEFI Boot mode

Bios Optimization

Lenovo recommends the following BIOS optimization settings for ThinkAgile VX1320 Appliance, VX 1SE
Certified Node models.
Enable Direct Cache Access (DCA)
Enable DCA mode for the processors to allow the network adapters to place data directly into the CPU
cache which reduces cache misses and can improve performance.
Use the ASU system tool, or other means, to enable the DCA processor option:
>asu64 set Processors.DCA Enable
Figure 13 illustrates where to change the setting using UEFI setup.
Figure 15. Direct Cache Access (DCA)
Operating mode
Lenovo ThinkAgile Hardware Replacement Guide for VX1320 Appliance, VX 1SE Certified Node



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