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Detergent Dispenser; Rinse Agent Dispenser - Bosch SHU 4300 Series Use & Care Manual

Bosch appliances dishwasher use & care manual
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Be sure to follow the dishwasher detergent manufacturer's
instructions when using the detergents. Concentrated
detergents usually call for lower usage than do standard
Do not use detergent when the RINSE & HOLD
cycle has been selected.
The detergent dispenser on the Bosch dishwasher is
located on the inside of the door, see figure 1 as well as
figure 9 and 10. The detergent dispenser cover may be
opened by pulling the release tab (figure 10) toward you.
Once the cover is open you will see two level marks:
"25" and "15". These refer to the volume when filled level
in milliliters. 15 milliliters is equivalent to 3 teaspoons. If
the detergent dispenser is completely filled it can hold
45 milliliters, or roughly 9 teaspoons.
The amount of detergent to be used depends on the cycle
selected and the water hardness:
For water of medium hardness and REGULAR WASH
cycle it is recommended that the detergent dispenser
be filled to the 25 milliliters, (5 tsp.) level.
With hard water, or with the POWER SCRUB PLUS
cycle, it is recommended that the detergent dispenser
be completely filled, roughly 9 teaspoons. If additional
detergent is required it can be placed on the inside of
the door, just below the dispenser.
With soft water the amount of detergent may be
Figure 10.
If you have water of medium or higher hardness and the
dishes do not come clean the cause, in the majority of
cases, is the use of too little detergent rather than too
much. If you have very soft water, or chemically treated
soft water special care should be taken to use the minimum
amount of detergent. For these situations a high quality,
low phosphate detergent is recommended. Too much
detergent combined with soft water may cause etching of
After filling the detergent compartment close the cover
by sliding it over the detergent chamber and pressing
down on the button until it clicks shut. The detergent will
be dispensed automatically during the wash portion of the
If the cover of the detergent dispenser is closing fully but
it won't latch this is most likely due to the dishwasher
having been stopped in mid cycle. Check the cycle
progress lights (see Figure 2) to see if cycle has been
If the cycle has been completed the "CLEAN"
light will be illuminated. If the cycle is not complete please
refer to section of this manual titled TO INTERRUPT
OR RESET CYCLE to reset cycle.
Rinse Agent Level Indicator
Rinse agent, or a rinse aid, is used to diminish water
spotting and to provide optimum drying results. It is
recommended that a rinse agent be used at all times with
the Bosch dishwasher. In a Bosch dishwasher the rinse
agent not only serves to rinse the dishware, but also serves
to rinse the tank and inner door of the dishwasher.
The rinse agent dispenser is located next to the detergent
dispenser. See figure 11. Rinse agent is available in liquid
or solid form. Do not use the solid type of rinse agent in
the Bosch dishwasher.
To fill the rinse agent reservoir (refer to Figure 12):
Open the dishwasher door fully.
Open the cover of the rinse agent dispenser.
Add rinse agent to the reservoir until the clear level
indicator turns completely dark. The reservoir is full
when the level indicator is dark.
Close the cover of the rinse agent dispenser. Make
sure that it is firmly snapped closed.

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