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Extra Tall Items; Using The Dispensers; Detergent Use - Bosch SHU 4300 Series Use & Care Manual

Bosch appliances dishwasher use & care manual
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ff you have extra tall items that cannot fit in the lower rack
without interfering with the upper spray arm or without
hitting the upper rack, the upper rack may be removed. A
special "Extra Tall Item Sprinkler" is provided with the
dishwasher to allow use of the dishwasher with upper rack
removed. See figure 7.
To allow washing of extra tall items:
With upper rack empty, remove it from the dishwasher
by pulling the rack partially out to the point where
rack can be lifted upward and out to disengage the
wheels from the side rails.
Place the "Extra Tall Item Sprinkler" over the upper
rack spray outlet at the back of the dishwasher tub
(refer to figure 7) and tam clockwise to lock sprinkler
head in place.
Figure 7.
Extra tall items may now be placed in lower rack for
washing, as shown in figure 8. To remove "Extra Tall Item
Sprinkler", to again allow use of upper rack, reverse
actions used to insert it.
Figure 8.
For the best washing result it is important to use the correct
amount of detergent and rinse agent.
Use only fresh dishwashing detergent (powder is recom-
mended) manufactured specifically for dishwasher use. Use
of other types of detergents will result in excessive suds.
Be sure to check the phosphate content of the detergent to
be used. Phosphate helps prevent the minerals in hard
water from forming a film or spots on dishes. Hard water
requires your detergent to work harder. In hard water areas
you will find that detergents with high phosphate levels
will provide a better result. If the phosphate level is low,
below 8.7%, you may have to use extra detergent in hard
Figure 9.

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