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Rinse Agent Indicator; Rinse Agent Regulator; Cycle Selection; Operation - Bosch SHU 4300 Series Use & Care Manual

Bosch appliances dishwasher use & care manual
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The rinse agent reservoir of the Bosch dishwasher is
provided with a regulator calibrated from 1 to 6. See
Figure 13. This regulator controls the amount of rinse
agent dispensed. The dishwasher leaves the factory preset
to 3_A. T his has been chosen as the average setting, however:
Dosage Control
if you see streaks, it is recommended that the regulator
be turned to a lower number.
if water spots appear, it is recommended that the
regulator be turned to a higher number.
Open the cover of the rinse agent dispenser.
Turn the setting indicator to the desired setting. See
Figure 13.
There is a level indicator on the dispenser, see Figure 11
and 13. This indicator shows the level of rinse agent that is
in the rinse agent reservoir. As received, and when empty,
the level indicator on the dispenser will appear blank.
When the rinse agent reservoir is full the level indicator on
the dispenser will appear dark.
The Bosch SH'q 4800 series is also equipped with
a indicator light on the control panel. The light will
illuminate when it is time to refill the rinse agent reservoir.
The dishwasher will wash and dry the contents based on
cycle selection made. Refer to the CYCLE SELECTION
CHART, Table 2. The most appropriate cycle for the load
to be washed can be selected from this table by comparing
the load type and the amount and condition of the food on
the items to the charts recommendations.
TO START THE SHU 3300, SHU 4300 and SEll 4300
Once detergent has been added and before closing the
door of the dishwasher check the wash arms to ensure
that they are free to move. With the detergent in the
dishwasher and arms free to move:
Close the door of the dishwasher making sure that
door latches dosed.
Depress the on/off switch. The indicator light for the
cycle that was last selected will become illumina_wxt.
Depress the button for the cycle you desire TWO
TIMES if it is different than the illuminated cycle.
The dishwasher will start automatically and
continue to the end of the selected cycle. The cycle
progress lights, to the fight of the cycle buttons,
will become illuminated to show where dishwasher
is in cycle.
At the end of the cycle the dishwasher will stop
and the "CLEAN" light will become illuminated.
To interrupt cycle simply depress the on/off button to
stop operation. If you are interrupting the cycle during
a wash or rinse cycle please wait until the water noises
stop before opening the door. After opening the door
leave it ajar for a few minutes. The cycle then may be
resumed by closing the door and depressing the on/off
As a safety feature the dishwasher will automatically
turn itself off whenever the door is unlatched.
However, if the door is opened quickly while in a
wash or rinse cycle some water may splash out of the
dishwasher. For this mason it is recommended that the
machine always be switched to off before opening the

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