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Loading The Lower Rack; Rack Height Adjustment - Bosch SHU 4300 Series Use & Care Manual

Bosch appliances dishwasher use & care manual
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Figure 4.
Large and/or heavily soiled items should be placed in
the lower rack of the dishwasher. Heavily soiled pots
and pans should be placed face down. See figure 4.
If more space is needed for pots and pans the rear
two sets of tines can be folded to the down position on
all models, or the rear three sets of tines on the DLX
models. Figure 5 shows lower basket with two rear
sets of tines in the down position to accommodate
large pots.
Silverware should be mixed when placed in the
silverware basket. The purpose of mixing the
silverware is to avoid having them nest together, for
example if spoons would be placed together they
could nest together so that water could not properly
circulate across them to clean the surfaces.
Figure 5.
Silverware should be placed in the silverware basket
with the handles down, with the exception of the
knives, which in order to avoid accidentally cutting
oneself, should be placed with the handles up.
If you do inadvertently load the silverware basket with the
knife blades up it is recommended, to avoid cutting
yourself when unloading, that you remove the silverware
basket from the dishwasher and tip the contents out onto
a cutting board.
The upper rack height of the Bosch dishwashers is
adjustable. There are two positions, see figure 6:
1. The upper position is used to provide more room for
items to be placed in the lower rack.
The lower position is used to provide more room for
items to be placed in the upper rack.
Figure 6.
To repositiou rack:
First empty upper rack and pull rack partially out to
point where rack can be lifted upward as shown in
upper illustration of Figure 6.
Pull the rack forward and then up until rollers are
completely free of channels.
Reinsert the rack with the other set of rollers on the

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