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Before Using For The First Time; Getting Started; Preparations For Washing; Loading The Top Rack - Bosch SHU 4300 Series Use & Care Manual

Bosch appliances dishwasher use & care manual
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Before beginning to use your dishwasher for the first
1. Check to make sure that the voltage on which the
dishwasher is to operate is the same as shown on
the rating plate.
The operation of your Bosch dishwasher is summarized
Load the dishwasher.
Refer to Table I for items suitable for washing in the
dishwasher. The dishwasher should be loaded with
pots, pans, dishes and silverware according to the
instructions provided under the following section
tiffed LOADING.
Add detergent and check rinse agent.
Detergent must be placed in the detergent dispenser
compartment as described in the following section
USE. The use of a rinse agent is
required to ensure good cleaning and drying result.
See section titled RINSE AGENT DISPENSER.
Check motion of wash arms.
The wash arms must be free to move and should not
be blocked by any item extending so far above lower
rack as to block upper ann or by any items hanging
below either the upper or lower rack to obstruct the
motion of the wash arms. See section titled
OPERATION to start the dishwasher.
2. Check to make sure that the water valve to the
dishwasher is open. The installer may have closed
the valve upon completing the installation.
Very l'tttle preparation is required before placing dishes,
pots, pans, etc. into the dishwasher. However, some
preparation is required:
Large solids, such as, bones, large seeds, shells, skins,
leafy vegetables, meat trimmings, etc. should be
removed either by scraping into a wastebasket, or into
your food disposer.
Large amounts of any type of leftover food should
also be scraped into a wastebasket or into your food
Pots and pans that have burned-on food, the food is
blackened, should be pre-soaked and scoured. The
dishwasher cannot remove burned-on food.
Do not place the following items in the dishwasher:
> toothpicks
> small bones and bone slivers
> paper products such as paper plates and paper
> plastic bags or plastic packaging material.
The upper rack of the dishwasher has been designed with
flexibility in mind. Glasses, cups, plates, bowls and
small pots may be loaded in many different positions to
fit your needs. Figure 3, shows a typical mixed load for
an upper rack washing load.
In general, try to remove food scraps and place the items
to be washed in the dishwasher before the food has had a
chance to dry-on. Dried-on food is more difficult to
remove. If there will be an extended period of time before
the dishwasher will be run it is recommended that the
RINSE & HOLD cycle be used.
Other than the above, no special preparation or pre-rinsing
is required for dishes, pots and pans or utensils with
normal amounts of food soil.
The dishwasher should be loaded so that water can
circulate freely and reach every part of every item that is
to be cleaned:
Cups, glasses and containers should be placed in upper
rack upside down so that water does not collect in
them. Tall narrow vessels, such as a vase or tall glass,
should be placed in the lower rack, near the middle,
for the best cleaning result.
The Bosch dishwashers have a special feature
incorporated into the flip down cup shelves on the
side of the upper rack. The ends of these shelves are
specially formed to help maintain spacing between
stemmed glasses. When in the flipped down position
long stemmed glasses may be placed in the second
row from the edge and placed so their stems rest in
the "V" formed ends of the shelves. When the cup
shelves are in the up position long stemmed glasses
may be placed in the first row with their stems placed
to rest between the tooth like projections of the
China, crystal and other delicate items must be placed
so that they do not touch each other during dishwasher
operation. Chipping or other damage may occur.
At completion of loading of the upper rack check to
make sure that nothing is protruding through or
hanging beneath the bottom of the rack, which could
block the rotation of the spray ann.

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