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Loading The Lower Rack; Loading Loading The Top Rack - Bosch SHU4000 Series Care & Use Manual

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The top rack is designed for glasses, cups, plates, bowls
and saucers. Glasses, cups, plates, bowls, saucers and
small pots may be loaded in many different positions to
fit your needs. Figure 3, shows a typical mixed load for
an upper rack washing load.
The dishwasher should be loaded so that water can
circulate freely and reach every part of every item that is
to be cleaned:
Cups, glasses and containers should be placed in upper
rack upside down so that water drains off of them and
does not collect in them. Tall narrow vessels, such as a
vase or tall glass, should be placed in the lower rack,
near the middle, for the best cleaning result.
Figure 3.
China, crystal and other delicate items must be placed
so that they do not touch each other during dishwasher
operation. Chipping or other damage may occur if
items can touch each other while dishwasher is
Large serving spoons and forks, spatulas, tongs and
large knives can be placed in top rack. Be sure to
space these large utensils so that water may flow
freely over them and so that water does not collect in
them; - - - serving spoons and ladles should be placed
facing downward so as not to collect water.
At completion of loading of the upper rack check to
make sure that nothing is protruding through or
hanging beneath the bottom of the rack, which could
block the rotation of the spray ann.
The Bosch dishwashers have a special feature
incorporated into the flip down cup shelves on the side
of the upper rack. The ends of these shelves are
specially formed to help maintain spacing between
stemmed glasses. When in the flipped down position
long stemmed glasses may be placed in the second
row from the edge and placed so their stems rest in the
"V" formed ends of the shelves. When the cup shelves
are in the up position long stemmed glasses may be
placed in the first row with their stems placed to rest
between the tooth like projections of the shelves.
Large and/or heavily soiled items should be placed in
the lower rack of the dishwasher. Heavily soiled pots
and pans should be placed face down. See figure 4.


Table of Contents

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