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Husqvarna 21012025000 Information page 5

Side bag set


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Available languages

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Scope of supply
1x side bag, right
1x side bag, left
1x side bag carrier, right
1x side bag carrier, left
4x screw M8x25
4x washer
When the side bags are mounted, especially when they are
loaded, greater side wind susceptibility may cause a change in
vehicle handling characteristics while riding, taking curves, and
braking. Exercise caution in high winds.
Due to the changes in vehicle handling characteristics, acceler-
ate gradually to the permitted maximum speed of 130 km/h.
Ensure that the load never exceeds 5 kg per side bag.
The bags must always be closed while riding. A side bag that
has any form of damage may not be used.
Make sure that all accessories and luggage items are securely
fastened. Check this regularly!
Mounting the carriers
- Remove rubber plug
- Position right carrier
- Mount screws
with washers
- Position left carrier
- Mount screws
with washers
Mounting the side bags
The procedure is the same for both side bags.
- Fold over the opening of right side bag
close with strap
- Tighten strap
- Close fastener
on both sides.
(all included) and tighten to 25 Nm.
(all included) and tighten to 25 Nm.
(included) 3 times and



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