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Parts Names And Instructions; Before Use - Panasonic MX-EX1081 Operating Instructions Manual

Household use
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Parts Names and Instructions

Blender jug
Working capacity
(about 1 000 mL)
Blender gasket
Blender blade
Blender jug base
Motor housing
Power plug *
Power cord
*The shape of plug may be different from illustration.
Clean all detachable parts before using the appliance for the first time or when you have not used it for a while, and then
assemble them securely. (P. EN6 "How to Use" and P. EN7 "Cleaning and Care" )
The blender is intended for
■ ● Blending fluids
e.g. fruit / vegetable juices, smoothie, soups, sauce.
■ ● Pureeing cooked ingredients
e.g. for baby foods.
Prohibited Ingredients
■ ● Meat
■ ● Fish
■ ● Commercial ice cubes
■ ● Hard ingredients (e.g. dried beans, turmeirc, frozen food)
■ ● Sticky ingredients (e.g. peanut butter)
■ ● Ingredients with low water content (e.g. boiled potatoes)
Handling Precautions
■ ● Dice food first (1 - 2 cm), then blend with liquid.
■ ● Do not place ingredients with a maximum total volume exceeding 1
000 mL in the blender jug.
■ ● Do not operate more than 3 minutes at one time, rest about 1
minute before use again.
Wet & Dry mill
Mill container
Mill gasket
Mill blade
Mill container base
ON (continuous operation)
Rotary switch
Pulse ( the blade rotates only while the switch is being
■ ● Repeatedly turn and release for intermittent rotation.

Before Use

Wet & Dry mill
The wet & dry mill is intended for
■ ● Grinding dry ingredients;
e.g. pepper, dried chillies, coffee beans, dried soy beans, dried
peas, seasame seeds, rice, wheat, nuts (shelled), breadcrumbs.
■ ● Grinding wet ingredients;
e.g. fresh chilli, garlic.
■ ● Very hard ingredients such as nutmeg, turmeric, crystal sugar and
ice cubes.
Guidelines of Maximum Quantity to be Placed in the Mill Container
Dried chilies
Coffee beans
Fresh chilli
■ ● Do not place any ingredients / liquids more than 50 g / 200 mL in the
mill container.
■ ● Do not operate more than 1 minute, rest about 2 minutes before use again.
■ ● During blending, use the
scraper only through lid
opening. Do not use with
lid off.
turned to "P" position)
Prohibited Ingredients
Maximum Quantity
20 g
60 - 90 seconds
20 g
60 - 90 seconds
50 g
15 - 30 seconds
50 g + 20 mL water
60 - 90 seconds
Handling Precautions

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