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Cleaning And Care; Safety Lock; Overload And Overheating Protection - Panasonic MX-EX1081 Operating Instructions Manual

Household use
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■ ● Unplug before cleaning.
■ ● Clean the parts thoroughly after every use. Keep all parts clean and dry always.
■ ● Do not wash any part of the appliance in the dishwasher.
■ ● Do not use benzine, thinner, bleach, alcohol, nylon face of sponge, metal brushes or polish powder etc.
■ ● Some discoloration of the plastic parts may occur upon usage but it does not affect usage.
Blender jug prewash
Add 400 mL clean water into the blender jug, plug in and blend for
about 1 minute.
Containers and other parts
Wash each part in soapy water with soft
sponge. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
■ ● Remove the gaskets before washing.
The safety lock has been designed to prevent the blender
from switching on when blender jug or mill container is not
properly in place.
When the safety pin on back of the each container base is
pushed during assembling, motor does not operate.

Overload and Overheating Protection

In case of overload and overheating, the protection device is triggered to stop operation and it is not abnormal.
After rotation stops, follow the below steps:
■ ● Do not use the appliance repeatly without any countermeasure.
Turn the rotary switch to "0" position, unplug the appliance.
Remove blender jug or mill container from motor housing.
Reduce the ingredients to less than half or add more liquid.
■ ● Remove the prohibted ingredient if used.
Reset the blender jug or mill container, start blending again. (P. EN6)
If the appliance still does not operate after performing the above, overheating protection has been activated.
Turn the rotary switch to "0" position, unplug and rest the appliance for about 15 minutes or more (until motor housing returns to a
normal temperature) to release overheating protection before using again.
)If appliance still does not operate, contact Panasonic Service Centre for inspection or repair.(

Cleaning and Care

Blender blade
Carefully clean blades with a brush under
running water.
(Brush is not provided.)

Safety Lock

■ ● Assemble the mill container base with the mill container.
■ ● Dry the lid thoroughly, then keep it separately.
Wipe motor housing with a damp cloth.
Safety lock pin
Motor housing
Safety pin

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