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Removal And Replacement Procedures For Authorized Service Provider Parts; Component Replacement Procedures; Preparation For Disassembly; Battery - HP EliteBook 835 G7 Maintenance And Service Manual

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Removal and replacement procedures for
authorized service provider parts
This chapter provides removal and replacement procedures for authorized service provider parts.
provider. Accessing these parts can damage the computer or void the warranty.
Details about your computer, including model, serial number, product key, and length of warranty,
are on the service tag at the bottom of your computer.

Component replacement procedures

To remove and replace computer components, use these procedures.
HP continually improves and changes product parts. For complete and current information about
supported parts for your computer, go to, select your country or region, and then
follow the on-screen instructions.
You must remove, replace, or loosen as many as 53 screws when you service the parts described in this
chapter. Make special note of each screw size and location during removal and replacement.

Preparation for disassembly

To remove and replace computer components, use these procedures.
Removal and replacement procedures preliminary requirements on page 28
Turn off the computer. If you are unsure whether the computer is off or in Hibernation, turn the
computer on, and then shut it down through the operating system.
Disconnect the power from the computer by unplugging the power cord from the computer.
Disconnect all external devices from the computer.


To remove the battery, use this procedure and illustration.
Table 6-1
Battery description and part number
Battery, 3 cell, 53 Whr
Components described in this chapter should be accessed only by an authorized service
for initial safety procedures.
Spare part number



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