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HP EliteBook 835 G7 Maintenance And Service Manual page 54

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Do not puncture, twist, or crack the battery.
Do not cause an external puncture or rupture to the battery. They can cause a short inside the battery,
which can result in battery thermal runaway.
Do not handle or touch the battery enclosure with sharp objects such as tweezers or pliers, which might
puncture the battery.
Do not compress or squeeze the battery case with tools or heavy objects stacked on top of the case.
These actions can apply undue force on the battery.
Do not touch the connectors with any metallic surface or object, such as metal tools, screws, or coins,
which can cause shorting across the connectors.
Before removing the battery, follow these steps:
Prepare the computer for disassembly
Remove the bottom cover
computer, a replacement battery provided by HP, or a compatible battery purchased from HP.
information. To prevent loss of information, save your work or shut down the computer through Windows
before you remove the battery.
Remove the battery:
Remove the speaker cable from the clips along the bottom of the battery (1).
Lift the tape from the battery cable connector (2), and then disconnect the battery cable from the
system board (3).
Remove the four Phillips M2.0 × 4.0 screws (4) that secure the battery to the computer.
Chapter 6 Removal and replacement procedures for authorized service provider parts
To avoid personal injury and damage to the product:
(Bottom cover on page
To reduce potential safety issues, use only the user-replaceable battery provided with the
Removing a battery that is the sole power source for the computer can cause loss of
(Preparation for disassembly on page



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