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Button, Speakers, And Fingerprint Reader - HP EliteBook 835 G7 Maintenance And Service Manual

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Table 2-5
Lights and their descriptions

Button, speakers, and fingerprint reader

Identify the computer button, speakers, and fingerprint reader.
Fingerprint readers can be located on the touchpad, on a side panel of the computer, or on the top cover
below the keyboard.
taskbar search box and follow the on-screen instructions. If Fingerprint reader is not listed as an option, then
your notebook does not include a fingerprint reader.
Caps lock light
Privacy key light (select products only)
Fn lock light
Mute light
Microphone mute light
Power light
To verify that your computer supports fingerprint reader sign-in, type
On: Caps lock is on, which switches the key input to all capital
On: Privacy screen is on, which helps prevent side-angle
On: The fn key is locked.
On: Computer sound is off.
Off: Computer sound is on.
On: The microphone is off.
Off: The microphone is on.
On: The computer is on.
Blinking (select products only): The computer is in the
Sleep state, a power-saving state. The computer shuts off
power to the display and other unnecessary components.
Off: Depending on your computer model, the computer is
off, in Hibernation, or in Sleep. Hibernation is the power-
saving state that uses the least amount of power.
options
in the
Keyboard area



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