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Fuel Fi Lter - Husqvarna 241R Workshop Manual

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Fuel system
Tank venting
Check that the tank venting valve works
531 03 06-23
Fuel fi lter
The fuel fi lter can be removed through the
tank's fi ll hole.
502 50 83-01
Clean the fi lter externally if it is not too
Replace the fi lter if required.
Tank venting
Tank venting takes place through the fuel
cap and needs to be functional for the
engine to work.
Remove the starter.
Remove the air fi lter cover and
dismantle the cylinder cover.
Remove the fuel hose from the
carburettor, remove the fuel tank and
empty the tank of fuel.
Connect the fuel hose to pressure
tester part number 531 03 06-23 and
plug the return line shut.
Make sure that the hose bushings in
the tank are leak tight.
Pump up a pressure and vacuum of 50
kPa (0.5 bar) in the tank.
The pressure should drop to 20 kPa
(0.2 bar) or revert to atmospheric
pressure within 45 seconds.
The fuel cap can be taken apart for clea-
Use a screwdriver and press off the hou-
sing (A) that contains a rubber diaphragm
(B) and a fi lter (C) and cover (D).
Blow the fi lter (C) clean, and the sintered
fi lter (E), with compressed air and mount
the fuel cap in the reverse order to how it
was disassembled.
Make sure that the fl at surface on the co-
ver (D) is turned towards the diaphragm.
There is a small slit (F) in the
diaphragm (B) that becomes visible
when you carefully pull the edges
of the diaphragm. Check that the
edges of the slit are not damaged.
Replace diaphragm if necessary.
Fuel fi lter
The fuel hose in the tank contains a fuel
fi lter. It is accessible through the fi ll hole.
Pull out the fi lter with your fi ngers or with
help of tool 502 50 83-01.
If the fi lter is not too dirty, its surface can
be cleaned with a brush.
Otherwise it must be replaced.
Check the fuel hose for cracks and leaks.
Make sure that the fi lter's connection neck
is inserted as far as possible into the fuel
hose and that the O-ring is suffi ciently
tight so that the fi lter cannot slide off the



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