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LG  Q1C-V5 Series Installation Manual

LG Q1C-V5 Series Installation Manual

Pv solar module


Installation manual
PV Solar
Please read this manual carefully before operating
your set and retain it for future reference.
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  • Page 1 Installation manual PV Solar MODULE Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. N-TYPE MODELS LGXXXQ1C-V5 LGXXXQ1K-V5 MFL71300801...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY ..............03 BEFORE & AFTER INSTALLATION ......05 Before Installation ................05 After Installation ...................05 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION .......06 Danger ....................06 Electrical Connections .................06 Diodes ....................06 Series Connection ................06 Parallel Connection ................07 General Wiring..................07 Earth Grounding ..................07 MECHANICAL INSTALLATION ......08 Module Mounting .................08 Site Consideration ................08 Mounting Methods ................08...
  • Page 3: Safety

    SafETY The instructions related to safety and use indicated No electrical parts like cables are in the this installation manual are intended for the located after installation between prevention of unexpected danger, damage, or failure. laminate and mounting structure. DaNgEr WarNINg CaUTION Non-compliance with the instructions may cause product...
  • Page 4 Do not touch the glass surface or Module frame of the solar module after Module Installing structure installation of the module. It may (Stralght type) Installing structure (bent type) result in injury or death. Heavy objects must be kept off of the solar module.
  • Page 5: Before & After Installation

    BEFORE & AFTER INSTALLATION Before Installation Please carefully read this manual before installation. • Partial shadowing may substantially reduce panel and system output and may be the reason for the damage • Solar module installation and maintenance must be of solar module. performed by qualified and authorized installer.
  • Page 6: Electrical Installation

    ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION Danger Diodes • Avoid all electrical hazards when installing, wiring, • All LG modules are equipped with factory installed operating and maintaining all panels. bypass diodes. The factory-installed diodes provide proper circuit protection for the module from • Do not connect panels that have different electrical unexpected shadows.
  • Page 7: Parallel Connection

    Installations, Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1. Module frame General Wiring Bolt • LG Electronics recommends that all wiring be double Flat washer insulated with a minimum rating of 90°C (194°F). Star washer •...
  • Page 8: Mechanical Installation

    • The solar modules from LG Electronics can not be operated in a location where they could come in direct • Clearance between the solar module frames and contact with salt water or ammonia.
  • Page 9 Nut. • The solar module may be mounted by using the Module frame following methods: (*Torque:8~12N∙m) • LG modules (Fire performance : Type 1 or 2) shall be Spring washer Flat washer with UL1703 edition 2014 and UL2703 edition 2014.
  • Page 10: Disclaimer Of Liability / Disposal

    Disposal • Please contact us, if you have any queries related to the disposal or recycling of solar modules from LG Electronics. TRANSPORTING AND STORAGE • Do not loosen the banding, when the module is transported by truck, ship and etc.
  • Page 11: Product Specifications

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Rated electrical characteristic except power rating within -0/+3 percent are within 5 percent of measured. Values at Standard Test Condition(STC) : Irradiance 1000W/m , Cell temp. 25℃, 1.5AM Electrical Properties Mechanical Properties Max. Max. Max. Module Pmax Power Voc at Isc at Vmpp...
  • Page 12: Dimensions Of Modules

    Dimensions of Modules Unit: mm / in. 60Cell Module LGXXXQ1C(K)-V5...
  • Page 13: Appendix

    C : 120mm(4.7 in) B : 843 ±100mm 6point(①+②) Rear : 1800Pa(38psf) Rear : 4000Pa(84psf) (33.2±3.9 in) Note) All mechanical installation methods(Fig.1 to Fig.6) in this appendix were not tested by UL. (UL 1703, ULC 1703) It is evaluated by LG internal test.
  • Page 14: Bolting & Clamp Information

    Bolting Method Module frame Bolt Flat washer Mounting Rail Flat washer Spring washer • Four M8(5/16inch) stainless steel bolts, four nuts, four spring washers, and eight flat washers are recommended per solar module. Clamp system requirements Width • The clamp should not be touched with the module’s glass. •...
  • Page 15: Alternate Equipment Grounding Devices

    These alternative grounding devices indicated on this page has been evaluated and approved by LG, not by Intertek. If such devices want to be used to meet the requirement in UL1703, some adequate tests shall be conducted in accordance with UL1703 additionally.
  • Page 16: Unloading Flow Guide

    Unloading Flow Guide If you are unloading using heavy equipment such as a crane, please follow the procedure below. [ Step 1 ] [ Step 2 ] [ Step 3 ] [ Step 4 ] Step 1. Place the packaging on a flat surface. Step 2.
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