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Before & After Installation; Before Installation; After Installation - LG Q1C-V5 Series Installation Manual

Pv solar module
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Before Installation

Please carefully read this manual before installation.
• Solar module installation and maintenance must be
performed by qualified and authorized installer.
• All installation instructions should be read and
understood before performing any installation.
• Do not touch the solar module with bare hands.
It may result in a burn or injury.
• Do not disassemble the solar module.
• After installation or repair, check that the solar module
are operating properly.
• In the event that the currently used solar module or
parts have been replaced the newly replaced module
and parts must have the same model name and parts
as the previously installed solar module.
• Do not let anyone approach the solar module who has
little knowledge of solar modules or on the measures to
take when solar modules are damaged in order to avoid
the risk of injury or electrical shock.
• Secure all necessary permits and licenses to install
the solar modules.
• Do not locate the solar module horizontally, as this may
cause dirt or white efflorescence(glass deformation).
• Panels are not intended for use indoors or on moving
vehicles of any kind.
Industry standard rated specifications are made at
conditions of 1000W/m irradiance and 25°C (77°F)
solar cell temperature. Colder temperatures may
substantially increase voltage and power.
• Keep the solar module and system away from children
at all times.
• Keep the module packed in the carton until the time of
Keep flammable gasses away from the installation
• Do not work alone. Please work as part of a team of
two or more people.
• Safety harness use is strongly recommended for
• Be careful not to damage the cable when using a tool
such as a knife to remove the cable tie that fixes the
junction box cable.
• Partial shadowing may substantially reduce panel and
system output and may be the reason for the damage
of solar module.
• Care must be taken to avoid low tilt angles which may
cause dirt to buildup on the glass against the frame
• Dirt build-up on the surface of the panel may
cause active solar cells to be shaded and electrical
performance to be impaired.

After Installation

• Plug in the connector tightly and ensure that the wiring
properly works.
• Conduct periodic inspection of the panels for damage
to front glass, back sheet, frame, junction box, or
external electrical connections.
• Check electrical connections for loose connections
and corrosion.
• PV panels can operate effectively without ever being washed,
although removal of dirt from the front glass can increase
Water, ethanol or a conventional glass cleanser with
a micro-fiber cloth can be used for regular washing or
rinsing of the front glass to remove dust, dirt or other
Do not use ground water containing calcium carbonate
components when cleaning glass.
• Aggressive and abrasive cleansers or chemicals such
as alkali chemicals including ammonia based solution
should not be used on cleaning the module.
• Always keep the back surface of the panel free from
any foreign objects or structural elements which could
come into contact with the panel, especially when the
panel is under mechanical load.
• Deposits of foreign material on the frame surface can
be cleaned by using a wet sponge or cloth and dried
in air or by using a clean chamois.
• Perform the wiring work by connecting the connector
and wires to the stand away from the roof or ground.
• Do not use any kind of oil or lubricant on the module's
any parts, It can defect the PV Module.



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