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Mechanical Installation; Module Mounting; Site Consideration; Mounting Methods - LG Q1C-V5 Series Installation Manual

Pv solar module
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Module Mounting

• The LG Electronics' (LGE) Limited Warranty for solar
modules is contingent upon modules being mounted
in accordance with the requirements described in this
• Any module without a frame (laminate) shall not be
considered to comply with the requirements of UL
1703 unless the module with hardware that has been
tested and evaluated with the module under this
installed module complies with the requirements of UL
• We recommend to use mounting device(bolt, nut,
washer) made by corrosion resistant material like
stainless steel.

Site Consideration

LGE solar modules should be mounted in a location that
meets the following requirements.
Operating Temperature
• Maximum Operating Temperature: +90°C (194°F)
• Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°C (-40°F)
Excluded Operating Environments
• The solar modules from LG Electronics can not be
operated in a location where they could come in direct
contact with salt water or ammonia.
Design Strength(Basic Load)
• 60Cell Modules : 75lb/ft
• Detail of mounting distance is below.
※ This mounting method is by using frame bolt holes.
※ The mounting rails must run perpendicularly to the module
long side.
• LGE solar module should be installed in a proper site
that there is no shadowing affected by building,
chimney, tree, and neighboring module, etc.
① : 200mm(7.9in)
② : 300mm (11.8in)
• Use corrosion resistant material mounting rails and
• Use appropriate bolted connections as per
manufacturer's instructions.
• No electrical parts like cables are located after
installation between laminate and mounting structure.

Mounting Methods

General Information
• Select the appropriate orientation to maximize sunlight
• Module should not be mounted or stored in a way that
the front/top glass faces downward in order to prevent
water from entering the junction box, which could
cause a safety hazard.
• Clearance between the solar module frames and
structures such as roofs or ground is required to
prevent wiring damage and to allow air to circulate
behind the solar module. The recommended standoff
height is a minimum of 100mm.
• When installed on a roof, the solar module must be
mounted over a fire-resistant roof covering rated for
the application.
A slope less than 5in/ft is required to maintain a fire
class rating.
• The solar module is only UL listed for use when its
factory frame is fully intact.
• Removal or alteration must be done by an authorized
• Creating additional mounting holes may damage the
solar module and reduce the strength of the frame.
• We recommend a 6mm gap between module frames
to avoid tension from thermal expansion.



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