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LG Q1C-V5 Series Installation Manual page 4

Pv solar module
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Do not touch the glass surface or
frame of the solar module after
installation of the module. It may
result in injury or death.
Heavy objects must be kept off of
the solar module.
Do not stand on or step on the
module. Do not drop the module.
Failure to comply may result in
product damage, product failure
or bodily injury.
Do not scratch the coating
surface of the frame.
Scratches may decrease the total
solar output due to corrosion of
the frame.
Do not artificially concentrate
sunlight on the solar module
surface. Failure to comply may
result in product damage or
Do not apply a shock to the
junction box of the module or
pull the cable. Do not remove the
labels attached to the module.
Failure to comply may result in
damage of the product.
If the installing modules on curved surface, (e. g. arch
type), as shown in the below picture, do not forcefully
modify the module in the installation when connecting
it with the structure. Only install the module in the place
where the structure for the panels has been properly
set up. An improper structure may cause deformation
of the panels. Panels may also be damaged by
unapproved installation methods such as the use of a
Installing structure
(bent type)
Partial shadow must be removed
from solar module because it can
cause severe problems of solar
Installing structure
(Stralght type)
of space



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