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Unloading Flow Guide - LG Q1C-V5 Series Installation Manual

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Unloading Flow Guide

If you are unloading using heavy equipment such as a crane, please follow the procedure below.
[ Step 1 ]
Step 1. Place the packaging on a flat surface.
Step 2. Put the safety timber bar on the packaging and fasten a rope as shown Fig. [ Step 2 ]
- To prevent module breakage, you should use safety timber bar bigger than packaging length.
- The position of rope have to be between block 1 and block 2 when you fasten a rope to pallet.
- Detailed view of the rope position is below.
Block ①
Block ②
- If you have not timber bar, you can use a pallet which is longer than module size.
Step 3. Loading & unloading packaging.
- The crane hook have to be placed center of packaging.
- For the balance of packaging, the rope between the packaging and crane must be the same length.
Step 4. Landing packaging on a floor.
- A minimum of two operator is required to ensure that all four corners are seated at the same
▶ If you need some question or advice of this, please contact our sales manager.
[ Step 2 ]
Block ②
Block ①
[ Step 3 ]
Standard Line
[ Step 4 ]



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