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Ec Normative And Security Norms - ARTHUR HOLM ERT 30 User Manual

Ip to rs422 interface control
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User manual
Safety instructions
Do not dismantle any part of the monitor power connector.
Disconnect the power plug from the AC outlet when the monitor is not going to be used for a long period.
Use the appropriate power cord with the correct plug type.
Do not overload wall outlets or power cords.
Make sure the total ampere passed through an extension cord does not exceed the maximum allowed by the cable used.
Do not place anything on the power cord.
Do not locate this product where a person may trip or walk over the cord.
ATTENTION: Do not disassemble or modify the device in any way
This symbol warns of the presence of dangerous non-insulated voltages inside some
of the components, which are high enough to cause risk of electric shock.
This symbol draws attention to important use and maintenance instructions in the
manual that accompanies the unit.
This symbol indicates that the equipment conforms to the norms established by the
European Community.

EC Normative and Security Norms




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