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ARTHUR HOLM ERT 30 User Manual page 6

Ip to rs422 interface control
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User manual
The operating electrical outlet must be in an easily accessible place.
Install the equipment on an elevated flat surface.
Install the equipment in a ventilated area.
Avoid exposing the equipment to:
Rain or water
Excessive heat, cold or humidity
Areas exposed to direct sunlight
Dirty areas
Equipment generating strong magnetic fields
Avoid placing open containers of liquid near the equipment.
Keep a minimum distance of 30mm to ensure good ventilation.
Never place any sources of flames, such as lighted candles, etc, above the device.
If you are using the device in extreme weather conditions and/or tropical climates, the equipment should be installed in a
room which ensures a reasonable level of temperature and humidity.
To prevent any damage, the equipment must be firmly anchored to the surface, as the installation instructions state.
EC Normative and Security Norms
Wiring connected to hazardous voltage requires installation by qualified
personnel or the use of ready-made flexible cables
For your safety, your equipment must be connected to an electrical
outlet with grounding connection protection



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