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ARTHUR HOLM ERT 30 User Manual page 11

Ip to rs422 interface control
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User manual
System Configuration
Use the ETHERNET unit port to connect the ERT to your local network area. Using this port, opens the 2002 ERT IP port, and
send AHnet commands to control the devices connected to RS422 ERT ports (AHnet1 and AHnet2). The Arthur Holm or Albiral
units, has an AHnet IN and AHnet OUT port to easily install a RS422 BUS. Next figure shows a schematic connection diagram.
The main device controller connects to the ERT interface using the local network area. Just opening the 2002 ERT port, the
main device controller can send AHnet commands to the ERT interface, and the ERT sends the AHnet commands to the units
by the RS422 ports.
You can connect up to 60 units to the ERT using the two RS422 RJ45 buses (30 units on each bus). Please, follow the respec-
tive user manual to configure the AHnet address on each unit and to connect the unit to the RS422 bus.
To configure the ERT IP address, do you need to download the AHlink APP. First, do you need to activate the radio signal.
Activate DIP1 on SETTINGS device, and power the ERT unit. To control and configure the unit using AHlink APP, download
"AHLink" from App Store (IOS system) or from Google Play (Android system). The App is free. Execute the "AHLink" on your
mobile phone.



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