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How To Manage: Error Codes - AEG BPK748380B User Manual

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Problems with Wi-Fi signal
Possible cause
Trouble with wireless network signal.
New router installed or router configuration
The wireless network signal is weak.
The wireless signal is disrupted by a micro‐
wave appliance placed near the oven.

12.2 How to manage: Error codes

When the software error occurs, the display shows error message.
In this section, you will find the list of the problems that you can handle on your own.
Code and description
C2 - the Food sensor is in the oven cavity dur‐
ing Pyrolytic Cleaning.
C3 - the door is not fully closed during Pyrolyt‐
ic Cleaning.
F111 - Food sensor is not correctly inserted in‐
to the socket.
F240, F439 - the touch fields on the display do
not work properly.
F601 - there is a problem with Wi-Fi signal.
F604 - the first connection to Wi-Fi failed.
Check your wireless network and router.
Restart the router.
To configure oven and mobile device again, re‐
fer to "Before first use" chapter, Wireless con‐
Move router as close to the oven as possible.
Turn off the microwave appliance.
Take out the Food sensor.
Close the door.
Fully plug Food sensor into the socket.
Clean the surface of the display. Make sure
there is no dirt on the touch fields.
Check your network connection. Refer to "Be‐
fore first use" chapter, Wireless connection.
Turn the oven off and on and try again. Refer to
"Before first use" chapter, Wireless connection.



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