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Internal Lighting; Service; Disposal - AEG BPK748380B User Manual

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The appliance becomes very hot and hot air is released from the front cooling vents.
• Pyrolytic cleaning is a high temperature operation that can release fumes from cooking
residues and construction materials, as such consumers are strongly advised to:
– provide good ventilation during and after each Pyrolytic cleaning.
– provide good ventilation during and after the first use at maximum temperature
• Unlike all humans, some birds and reptiles can be extremely sensitive to potential fumes
emitted during the cleaning process of all Pyrolytic Ovens.
– Remove any pets (especially birds) from the vicinity of the appliance location during and
after the Pyrolytic cleaning and first use maximum temperature operation to a well
ventilated area.
• Small pets can also be highly sensitive to the localized temperature changes in the vicinity of
all Pyrolytic Ovens when the Pyrolytic self cleaning program is in operation.
• Non-stick surfaces on pots, pans, trays, utensils etc., can be damaged by the high
temperature Pyrolytic cleaning operation of all Pyrolytic Ovens and can be also a source for
low level harmful fumes.
• Fumes released from all Pyrolytic Ovens / Cooking Residues as described are not harmful to
humans, including children, or persons with medical conditions.

2.6 Internal lighting

Risk of electric shock.
• The type of light bulb or halogen lamp used for this appliance is for household appliances
only. Do not use it for house lighting.
• Before replacing the lamp, disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
• Use only lamps with the same specifications.

2.7 Service

• To repair the appliance contact the Authorised Service Centre.
• Use original spare parts only.

2.8 Disposal

Risk of injury or suffocation.
• Disconnect the appliance from the mains supply.
• Cut off the mains electrical cable close to the appliance and dispose of it.
• Remove the door catch to prevent children or pets from becoming trapped in the appliance.



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