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AEG BPK748380B User Manual page 28

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Insert the tip of Food Sensor into the centre
of meat, fish, in the thickest part if possible.
Make sure that at least 3/4 of Food Sensor is
inside of the dish.
Step 4
Plug Food Sensor into the socket at the front of the oven.
The display shows the current temperature of: Food Sensor.
Step 5
- press to set the core temperature of the sensor.
Step 6
Sound alarm - when food reaches the core temperature, the signal sounds.
Sound alarm and stop cooking - when food reaches the core temperature, the sig‐
nal sounds and the oven stops.
Step 7
Select the option and repeatedly press:
Step 8
When food reaches the set temperature, the signal sounds. You can choose to stop or
to continue cooking to make sure the food is well done.
- press to set the preferred option:
Insert the tip of Food Sensor exactly in the centre
of the casserole. Food Sensor should be stabi‐
lized in one place during baking. Use a solid in‐
gredient to achieve that. Use the rim of the bak‐
ing dish to support the silicone handle of Food
Sensor. The tip of Food Sensor should not touch
the bottom of a baking dish. Cover Food Sensor
with the remaining ingredients.
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