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EFD Nordson v051806 Catalog

Ultra dispensing system catalog.
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Dispensing Solutions
Dispensing System Catalog
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Sales and service of EFD
dispensing systems are available worldwide.


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  • Page 1 A NORDSON COMPANY Dispensing Solutions Ultra ® Dispensing System Catalog USA 800-556-3484 Europe +44 (0) 1582 666334 Asia +86 (21) 5854 2345 Sales and service of EFD ® dispensing systems are available worldwide.
  • Page 2 The core of our Ultra System Which components would you rather use? Theirs “Flash” inside hub restricts flow and reduces accuracy. Ours EFD hubs provide unrestricted flow and produce accurate consistent deposits. Ours EFD tubing is carefully polished and burr-free. Theirs Burrs and flaws inside reduce accuracy.
  • Page 3 Introduction Whether you apply watery thin fluids or thick pastes, we can show you how to significantly cut better products and reduce fluid usage up to 75%. This is what we do. And, we guarantee the results. While you can sort through all the features and options of our dispenser/component products, we recommend call one of our experienced Fluid Application Specialists.
  • Page 4 Ultra 2400 Series Key Features All-digital, multi-function display with simultaneous readouts of air pressure, time and vacuum Password to lock out operator changes High speed solenoid for highly accurate deposits Universal power supply includes plug adapters for immediate use in any country Multilingual display, selectable on-site for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese or Korean...
  • Page 5: Specifications

    Fluid Dispensing Kit Whether you apply cyanoacrylates or thick sealants, the versatile, easy-to-use Ultra 1400 dispenses accurate, consistent deposits. Helpful Teach function lets the operator establish deposit size, then stores time required for automatic, repeatable results. The Ultra 1400 kit arrives ready for use. EFD quality dispensing components are matched to your specific application for optimum results.
  • Page 6 Ultra 870 Series Key Features All-pneumatic application of most assembly fluids Vacuum control for watery thin fluids Instant on/off controlled by pneumatic foot pedal Ideal for beading and potting Dispensing kit includes components customized to your application. Ultra850D Fluid Dispensing Kit The economical Ultra 870 starter kit makes clean, fast work of applying beads, potting and other “by-eye”...
  • Page 7 Positive Displacement System The Ultra 2800 Dispensing System brings positive displacement technology to applications that require precise metering of assembly fluids that change viscosity or where a specific flow rate is necessary. Unique patented technology within the system uses a flexible drive cable driven by a powerful stepper motor, to apply consistent dots or beads of virtually any assembly fluid.
  • Page 8 Hand-Lever Dispense Valves Key Features Ergonomic design Positive shutoff, no seals Very fine flow control hanger Key Features Ergonomic design Positive shutoff, no dripping Very fine fluid dead volume hanger “ squeeze lever dispense tip squeeze lever Feeding directly from the adhesive bottle eliminates mess and refilling. We’re producing better-looking parts in Hand Dispense Valves Ergonomic, manually operated dispense valves solve many...
  • Page 9 725-HL Designed for dispensing thicker fluids such as epoxies, fluxes, sealants and wood glues. The 725-HL provides relatively high flow for heavy-duty operation, without maintenance or downtime. It features a piston design for clean, positive shutoff and end-of-cycle snuff-back. The System Choosing the right tank is primarily based on two factors: how much fluid you are dispensing and whether the fluid is supplied in 1 pound or 1 liter bottles.
  • Page 10 Portable Hand Dispensers stainless steel drive rod grip adjustment reusable plunger disposable no drip syringe barrel and piston disposable no-drip syringe barrel and piston dispense tip dispense tip Models Recommended Satisfactory Do not use Unlike squeeze bottles or hypodermic-type syringes, EFD portable tools apply fluids without drip or ooze.
  • Page 11: Quality Assurance

    Ultra Dispense Components The correct selection of syringe barrel, piston and dispense tip provides complete fluid application control, safe, easy, no drip or ooze. pistons Low-friction, inert polymer PE piston with double-wiper action ensures clean, smooth emptying of syringe barrel without drip or ooze. Special LV Barrier ™...
  • Page 12 Disposable Reservoir System Syringe barrel & piston sets MOST FLUIDS Clear Barrels Clear Barrels White Pistons Blue LV ™ Barrier Red Pistons (50) 5109CP-B 5109LV-B (40) 5110CP-B 10cc (30) 5111CP-B 5111LV-B 30cc (20) 5112CP-B 55cc (15) 5113CP-B Reservoirs available in clear for most fluids; translucent amber for UV and light-sensitive materials (*240 to 550 nm);...
  • Page 13 Precision Dispense Tips After choosing the most appropriate dispenser and barrel/piston combination, the deposit is defined by the type of dispense tip selected. Each EFD tip is precision made, without burrs or flash, to produce the very best deposit control. Smooth-flow tapered tips gauge standard opaque rigid...
  • Page 14 Precision Dispense Tips PTFE-lined tips (50 tips per box) 12.7 mm (0.50") 25.4 mm (1.0") color 0.020" 5121TLCS-B 5121TLC-B Grey 0.006" 5125TLCS-B 5125TLC-B Pink Resists clogging of cyanoacrylates. Use for microdot application of low viscosity fluids. PTFE-coated tips (20 tips per box) gauge ID 12.7 mm (0.50") color 0.020 0.033 5121PC-B...
  • Page 15 Precision Dispense Tips Selection precision stainless Applications tapered steel tube flexible Very low viscosity fluids Particle-filled pastes Microdot deposits Fluid is reactive to metal Depositing in recesses Spreading/smearing Fast-curing glues Beading, striping To avoid scratching 25.40 mm (1.00") ACTUAL SIZE 12.70 mm (0.50") 6.35 mm (0.25") 29.97 mm...
  • Page 16 Cartridge Systems interconnect hose #2310 retainer cap #5195R cartridge reservoir cartridge plunger retainer 75 cc (2.5 oz) 180 cc (6 oz) 360 cc (12 oz) #5194R sight hole tip adapter #2186 tapered dispensing tip Cartridge reservoir 75 cc 9.8 cm (2.5 oz 3 7/8"...
  • Page 17 Syringe Barrel Loaders Pourable fluids are easy. Just fill the barrel. For best results, fill up to 50% of the barrel capacity. 920/940 Series syringe barrel loader For nonpourable fluids, including grease, pastes, sealants, and others, manually load or use an EFD syringe barrel loader. With the #920BL barrel loader, pack the fluid into a 12 ounce cartridge.
  • Page 18 Productivity Tools & Accessories Choose from a wide range of optional tools to maximize your dispensing system. Flexible arm syringe barrel holder Mounts to dispenser cabinet; can be adjusted to multiple positions. For Ultra 2400, 1400 and 870 Series dispensers. #2429 Stiff arm syringe barrel holder Mounts to Ultra dispenser cabinet and holds...
  • Page 19 Liquid filter trap Prevent fluid from being sucked back #2435 into the dispenser. for the #1000FLT-Y Ultra 2400 Series; for the Ultra 1400 and Ultra 870 Series. Cleanroom filter muffler Designed for cleanrooms and other demanding production areas. Attaches to Ultra dispenser exhaust port and filters output air to meet Fed 209-B (0.5 micron particulates).
  • Page 20 More EFD Products Precision Dispense Valves Engineered for the most demanding mechanical and environmental applications, EFD low-maintenance valve systems provide very reliable dispensing solutions for benchtop applications, automated lines and machine builders. SolderPlus Switching from flux-cored wired to SolderPlus provides better quality solder joints with reduced costs.

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