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Functions - KitchenAid KCBPX 18120 Instructions For Use Manual

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This function can be used to save energy. Please
follow the instructions contained in the Quick
Start Guide to activate/deactivate the function.
Two seconds after activation of the Smart Display,
the display goes off.
To adjust the temperature or use other functions,
it is necessary to activate the display by pressing
any button. After about 15 seconds without
performing any action, the display goes off again.
When function is deactivated the normal display
is restored. The Smart Display is automatically
disabled after a power failure. Remember that this
function does not disconnect the appliance from
the power supply, but only reduce the energy
consumed by external display.
Note: The declared appliance energy consumption
refers to operation with the Smart Display
function activated. This function is available only
on the model with User Interface on the door.
This function turns On/Stand‑by the freezer
compartments. To put the product in Stand‑
by, press & hold the On/Stand‑by button for
3 seconds. When the appliance is in Stand‑by, the
light inside the freezer compartment does not
work. Remember that this operation does not
disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
To switch the appliance On again, simply press
and hold for 3 seconds the On/Stand‑By button.
After a power blackout, your product is designed
to automatically monitor the temperature in
the freezer when electricity is resupplied. If the
temperature in the freezer rises above freezing
level, the Black Out indicator turns on, the Alarm
blinks and the acoustical alarm
sounds when electricity is resupplied.
To reset the alarm press the Stop Alarm button
just once.
In case of Black Out Alarm, the following actions
are recommended:
‑ If the food in the freezer is unfrozen but still cold,
allthe food in the freezer should be eaten within
thenext 24 hours.
‑ If the food in the freezer is frozen, this indicates
the food was thawed and then refrozen when
electricity was re‑supplied which degrades taste,
quality and nutritional value and also could be
unsafe. Itis recommended to not consume the
food but to dispose of the entire content of
the freezer. The Black Out Alarm is designed to
provide guidance on food quality in the freezer
in the event of electricity black out. This system
does not guarantee food quality or safety
and consumers are advised to usetheir own
judgment in evaluating food quality infreezer
The acoustic alarm sounds and temperature
indicator (°C) blinks. The alarm is activated when:
‑ The appliance is connected to the power supply
after prolonged disuse
‑ The freezer compartment temperature is too
‑ The quantity of fresh foods loaded into the
freezer exceeds that indicated on the rating
‑ The freezer door has been left open for a long
To mute the alarm buzzer press Stop Alarm
just once. The Alarm indicator
automatically turned‑off as soon as the freezer
compartment reaches a temperature below
‑10°C and the temperature set indicator (°C) stop
blinking and shows the chosen setting.
The Alarm icon
acoustic alarm sounds. The alarm is activated
when the door is left open for more than
2 minutes. To disengage the door alarm close the
door, or press once Stop Alarm button
the acoustic alarm.
ProFreeze technology automatically works to
ensure the optimal conditions to preserve the
stored food.
lights up blinking and the
to mute



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