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Functional Sounds - KitchenAid KCBPX 18120 Instructions For Use Manual

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Functional sounds

Sounds coming from your appliances are
normal since it has a number of fans and
engines to regulate performances that switch
on and off automatically.
Some of the functional sounds can be reduced
‑ Leveling the appliance and installing it on an
even surface
‑ Separating and avoiding contact between the
appliance and furniture.
‑ Checking if the internal components are
correctly placed.
‑ Checking if bottles and containers are not in
contact with each other.
Some of the functional sounds you might hear:
‑ A hissing sound when switching on the
appliance for the first time or after a long pause.
‑ A gurgling sound when refrigerant fluid enters
into the pipes.
‑ Buzzing sound when water valve or fan start
‑ A cracking sound when compressor starts or
when ready ice drops into ice box abrupt clicks
when compressor switches on and off.



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