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Siemens DMS8000 MP4.30 Connectivity Manual

Sipass access control connectivity
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DMS8000 MP4.30
Access Control Connectivity Guide
Building Technologies
Fire Safety & Security Product



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  Summary of Contents for Siemens DMS8000 MP4.30

  • Page 1 DMS8000 MP4.30 SiPass Access Control Connectivity Guide Building Technologies Fire Safety & Security Product...
  • Page 2 Data and design subject to change without notice. / Supply subject to availability. © 2010 Copyright by Siemens Building Technologies AG We reserve all rights in this document and in the subject thereof. By acceptance of the document the recipient acknowledges these rights and undertakes not to publish the document nor the subject thereof in full or in part, nor to make them available to any third party without our prior express written authorization, nor to use it for any purpose other than for which it was delivered to him.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    About this document....................2 Introduction .....................4 What has been changed in MP4.30 configuration tools ......4 Configuring SiPass Access Control System ........5 SiPass integration ..................5 SiPass Driver ....................5 Configuration checklist of SiPass..............6 Configuration procedure ................6 Further SiPass configuration notes............14 2.5.1 Tips and hints ................14 2.5.2 SiPass alarm classes ...............16 2.5.3...
  • Page 4: About This Document

     Training program information including the Siemens intranet link  A complete list of all available DMS8000 documents  Instructions for how to obtain a document via the Siemens intranet using the STEP Documentation Repository System  A map of relevant documents for each target audience group ...
  • Page 5 Liability disclaimer for damage or injuries Before products are delivered, they are tested to ensure they function correctly when used properly. Siemens disclaims all liability for damage or injuries caused by the incorrect application of the instructions, or the disregard of danger adviso- ries.
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Introduction Introduction This is a guide to the software configuration procedures for the integration of Si- Pass Access Control systems in the MM8000 Management Station and MK8000 OPC server. For a complete guide to the configuration process, this manual should be used with the DMS8000 Network, Fire and Intrusion Guide, and with the Installation, Configu- ration and Commissioning manual (ICC) of the specific product.
  • Page 7: Configuring Sipass Access Control System

    Configuring SiPass Access Control System Configuring SiPass Access Control System SiPass integration The DMS8000 systems MM8000 and MK8000 can support the integration of Si- Pass access control system in order to provide for a comprehensive security solu- tion. Currently, the integrated solution with MM8000 management station can: ...
  • Page 8: Configuration Checklist Of Sipass

    Configuring SiPass Access Control System Fig. 1 Adding the SiPass Driver (A) Note: The Composer plug-in #252401 is required. Configuration checklist of SiPass Verify that you have satisfied the items needed in the first checklist before proceed- ing to the configuration procedure that follows. ITEMS NEEDED FOR CONFIGURATION ...
  • Page 9 Configuring SiPass Access Control System Fig. 2 Adding the SiPass subsystem Linking the SiPass subsystem to the SiPass Driver You have now to link the subsystem to the Driver. 1. Select the SiPass subsystem node. 2. Drag and drop it on the SiPass Driver (Fig. 3). A new link node appears.
  • Page 10 Configuring SiPass Access Control System Fig. 4 Setting the SiPass Server IP address Enter the PC name or IP address of the SiPass server. Note that the value is always valid if the SiPass and MM8000/MK8000 servers are installed on the same PC. Setting up the SiPass configuration structure The SiPass configuration can be imported into Composer in order to allow a fast and seamless alignment process between the two systems.
  • Page 11 Configuring SiPass Access Control System Fig. 6 Error in connecting to SiPass server 2. Click the Align button. The SiPass configuration data is transferred over the network to Composer.  In a few seconds, the configuration status message will show “system is aligned”...
  • Page 12 Configuring SiPass Access Control System Fig. 8 Exporting SiPass configuration Then, the resulting XML file can be imported into Composer with the following pro- cedure: 1. Select the SiPass Subsystem node. 2. Select ToolsImport or right-click the SiPass node and select Import (Fig. 9). Fig.
  • Page 13 Configuring SiPass Access Control System Fig. 10 Selecting the SiPass XML file In a few moments, the SiPass structure is imported, and the node is repre-  sented in the Composer tree. Selecting the Import tab results in a page report being displayed. This page con- tains the detailed logs of the latest import procedure, including all the added (or removed) objects.
  • Page 14 Configuring SiPass Access Control System Fig. 12 Customising individual SiPass points event setting  In the Transaction Extensor tab of each individual point and transaction, cus- tomise the log options (e.g.: enabling/disabling properties as in Fig. 13). Fig. 13 Customising individual SiPass log options Building Technologies 048_DMS_DMS8000_Connectivity_Access_Control_MP4.30_A6V10062451_a_en Fire Safety &...
  • Page 15 Configuring SiPass Access Control System  In the Style tab of MM8000 system - Logical configuration - User Data - Event and Points - Style, customise the options of a class of points (e.g.: modifying the event settings for the properties of Door points as in Fig. 14). Fig.
  • Page 16: Further Sipass Configuration Notes

    Configuring SiPass Access Control System Further SiPass configuration notes 2.5.1 Tips and hints  SiPass configuration (MM8000 only). In order to work with MM8000, the Si- Pass configuration must include the following:  Users authorised on both MM8000 and SiPass have to be configured in both environments with balanced permissions (MM8000 security profiles and Si- Pass Operator Group functions).
  • Page 17 Configuring SiPass Access Control System  If the SiPass server does not run on the same PC as MM8000, then specific installation steps are required on the networked PC where SiPass is installed: 1) In the Windows user list, the SiPass PC should include the MM8000 Internal User, by default DMS8000_Proc.
  • Page 18: Sipass Alarm Classes

    Configuring SiPass Access Control System 6. Click the This Account button and then select Browse 7. In the Select User window, select the Advanced button 8. Select Find Now and then DMS8000_PROC 9. Restart the PC From MM8000, select Change Server in the Composer Properties Manage- ment window, and select the SiPass server to connect.
  • Page 19 Configuring SiPass Access Control System The table below presents the possible scenarios and the results for the system op- erator. Refer to this table for any further needs of Alarm Classes when discussing the issue with SiPass specialists. Effect in MM8000/MK8000 Effect in SiPass No Alarm Classes defined Event generation and transactions...
  • Page 20: Sipass Field Simulator

    Configuring SiPass Access Control System 2.5.3 SiPass Field Simulator A simulation function is available for simulating the SiPass events in MM8000. However, this is not part of the Field Simulator described in the Appendix A of MM8000 Installation, Configuration, and Commissioning manual (ICC). Activating the SiPass simulator The SiPass field simulator can be activated by selecting the Children tab of the SiPass driver’s parent node and clicking the Simulation checkbox.
  • Page 22 Siemens Switzerland Ltd Building Technologies Group International Headquarters Fire Safety & Security Products Gubelstrasse 22 CH-6301 Zug Tel +41 41 724 24 24 Fax +41 41 724 35 22 A6V10062451_a_en Document no. DMS8000 Technical Material Edition 06.2010 Section 4...

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