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Safety Information - LG T60SK Z Series Owner's Manual

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afety Information
Read carefully and thoroughly go through this booklet as it contains important safety information
that will protect the user from unexpected dangers and prevent potential damages to the product.
This booklet is divided into 2 parts : Warning and Caution.
: This is a warning sign specifying user s applications which might
be dangerous.
: This is a sign specifying Strictly Forbidden applications.
: Failure to comply with the instructions under this
sign may result in major physical injuries or death.
: Failure to comply with the instructions under this
sign may result in minor physical injuries or
damages to the product.
Under certain conditions hydrogen gas may be produced in a water heater that has not been
used for two weeks or more. Hydrogen gas can be explosive under these circumstances.
If the HOT water has not been used for two weeks or more, prevent the possibility of
damage or injury by turning on all Hot water faucets and allowing them to run for several
minutes. Do this before using any electrical appliance which is connected to the HOT
water system. This simple procedure will allow any built-up hydrogen gas to escape. Since
the gas is flammable, do not smoke or use an open flame or appliance during this process.
• The base opening must not be obstructed by carpeting when the washing machine is installed
on a carpeted floor.
• Install or store where it will not be exposed to temperature below freezing or exposed to the
weather (Rain/Water Splash/ Direct Sunlight).
If the product is exposed to such conditions, electric shock, fire, break down or deformation may occur.
Properly ground washer to confirm with all governing codes and ordinances. Follow details in
Installation Instructions.
If not grounded properly, break down and leakage of electricity may occur, which may cause electric
• Machine must be positioned so that the plug is accessible.
If the plug is placed between the wall and the machine, it may get damaged, possibly causing fire or
electric shock.
• Make sure the plug is completely pushed into the outlet.
Failure to do so may cause electric shock and fire due to overheating.
• Do not connect ground to a gas pipe.
It can cause explosion.
• Do not connect ground to telephone wires or lightning rods.
This may be dangerous during electrical storms.
• Washer shall be placed in dry areas specifically during rainy season.
Humid conditions may cause rusting which may result in product failure.

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