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Common Washing Problems - LG T60SK Z Series Owner's Manual

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ommon washing problems
Many washing problems involve poor soil & stain removal, residues of lint and scum, and
fabric damage. For satisfactory washing results, follow these instructions.
Not enough Detergent
Poor soil
Wash Water Temperature
too low.
Overloading the washer
Incorrect wash cycle
Incorrect sorting
Pretreat stain not done
Undiluted fabric softener
Blue Stains
dispensed directly onto
A buildup caused by the
Black or gray
interaction of fabric softener
marks on
and Detergent can flake off
and mark clothes
Not enough Detergent
Yellow or
Iron or manganese in
brown rust
water supply, water pipes,
or water heater
Incorrect sorting
Tissues left in pocket
Overloading the washer
Overloading the washer
Residue or
Undissolved Detergent
Use too much Detergent
Holes, tears,
Incorrect use of chlorine
or snags
Unfastened zippers,
hooks, buckles
Ribs, tears and broken
Overloading the washer
Degradation of fabric
Possible Causes
Solutions & Preventive Measures
• Use correct amount of Detergent for load size, amount of
soil and water hardness.
• Use WARM or HOT water for normal soil.
• Reduce load size.
• Wash with STRONG (JEANS) wash cycle for heavy
soiled laundry.
• Separate heavily soiled items from lightly soiled ones.
• Pretreat stain and heavy soil according to directions shown
on page 8.
• Rub the stain with bar soap.
• Do not overfill fabric softener dispenser and do not pour
liquid fabric softener directly onto fabric.
See page 11 for more instructions.
• Keep the recommendations against Scrud(waxy buildup).
(refer to scrud page11.)
• Use correct amount of Detergent for load size, amount of soil
and water hardness.
• To restore discolored load of whites, use rust remover safe
for fabric.
• Install nonprecipitating water softener or an iron filter in
your water supply system for an ongoing problem.
• Before washing, run water for a few minutes to clear lines.
• Wash lint givers eg. towels, flannelette sheets, separately
from lint collectors eg. synthetic fabrics and remove tissues
in pockets before wash. See page 8 for sorting and caring
before loading.
• Do not overload the washer
• Do not overload the washer.
• Some Detergents need to be pre-dissolved, check the Detergent
instructions. Try pre-dissolving the Detergent.
• Use proper amount of Detergent.
• Never pour chlorine bleach directly on fabric.
See page 10 for adding liquid bleach.
• Fasten zippers, hooks, and buckles.
• Remove objects in pockets. See page 8 for caring before
• Do not overload the washer.

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