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Normal Wash; Gentle (Wool) - LG T60SK Z Series Owner's Manual

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Wash cycles are designed for the best wash performance for each type of load. Select the
Program that best matches the load contents for maximum wash performance and fabric care.
Use this program for washing every Day Normal clothes.
e.g. sheets, towels, T-shirts. This mode automatically
selects the most appropriate conditions and completes
the sequence in one operation. The built-in sensor
detects the size of the load and ideal wash power &
wash, rinse and spin times are set accordingly.
Note :
Normal program is set by default.
If water or wet laundry is already in the drum before
starting, the water level will be increased.
For lightweight bulky loads, the water level may be too
low and should be increased manually.
Changes to water level is possible, only after pressing
START/PAUSE button during operation.
Press the Power Button
Add laundry
Add Detergent as per the Amount of laundry.
(Refer page 10 for water level and amount of detergent.)
Select the desired wash program by Pressing Program Key.
Program Selection Lamp will glow while selecting the programs
Selected program no. will be visible on the Control Panel Display
Close the Lid
Press Start/Pause Button
Wash tub rotates twice to detect the laundry load.
Water Level will be selected automatically and water will be supplied.
When the Wash Program Ends, the Buzzer will ring and the Power
goes off automatically after 30 Secs.

Gentle (Wool)

Use this program for washing delicate fabrics such as
lingerie, woolens, Saree, Etc. (wash only "water
washable" clothes).
Note :
When setting the WATER LEVEL manually, do not set
to medium to prevent damage to laundry. It should
always be high.
Most hand-knitted garments are not machine washable,
so recommend you to hand wash them.
For the washing instruction, check the clothing label
before wash.
A neutral detergent is recommended for the woolens or
Do not use a tumble dryer to prevent damage.
To avoid direct sunlight, cover up the clothes with towels
during natural dry.
Some woolens or sweater may clog the drain hose by
their lint, so recommend you to use spin only after hand-
wash them.
In order to avoid damage to laundry, the spin cycle may
appear slow. This also avoids Wrinkles and laundry may
still contain some water at the end of the cycle. This is

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