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Placing, Leveling And Installation - LG T60SK Z Series Owner's Manual

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lacing, Leveling and Installation
Improper installation of the washer may cause noise and malfunctioning.
The ventilating openings in the base area must not be obstructed by carpeting when the washing machine is
Note :
installed on a carpeted floor.
Install the washing machine on a level and firm
How to adjust leveling
Adjustable leg
Turn the adjustable legs to set the washer
horizontal (Both the front legs).
Don't add anything under back side legs.
Distance between drain hose and the wall
Distance between drain hose and the wall should be more
than 10cm, and the distance between the other part or the
rear part and the wall should be more than 2 cm. .
More than 2cm
Anti-rat cover installation
Insert the Anti rat cover firmly from back side
side of washing machine.
# Product feature may vary according to different models. Refer page 28 for modelwise features for your purchased model.
More than 10cm
More than 2cm
Installation area
Install the washer on flat and firm surface.
Checking level
The Basement is not flat, fill the water just touching the
Pulsator and see uniform distribution. If not, adjust the
legs as shown in the figure.
Checking Proper placement
Press the corners of the machine diagonally
as shown in the figure, If any movement is observed,
adjust the legs for proper leveling.
# Moving of the Machine
Casters are provided for easy translocation of your machine
* Grip the machines properly as shown in fig.
* Tilt the machine towards your side at a angle
45 ~ 55 .
Note : * Be careful that you should not drop the machine.
* Never move the machine on casters when there is load inside.
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