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Service And Sales - Bosch Rexroth IM24V Manual


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Bosch Rexroth AG

16 Service and sales

Service and sales
We are always the right partner when it
comes to system know-how.
For any problem: Service from Rexroth
– You can reach us around the clock at:
+49 (0) 9352 40 50 60
– Of course you can also reach us via
Worldwide service
Our global service network can be reached
at any time in over 40 countries. You can find
detailed information on our service locations
in Germany and worldwide in the Internet at:
Information preparation
We will be able to help you quickly and
efficiently if you have the following
information ready:
– Detailed description of the malfunction
and conditions
– Information on the name plate of the
affected product, particularly the material
and serial numbers
– Telephone/fax numbers and e-mail
address where we can reach you if we
have any questions.
IM24V | 3 609 929 B37/2008-09
Bosch Rexroth AG Electric Drives and
Controls Schraub- und Einpress-Systeme
Fornsbacher Str. 92
Postfach 1161
D-71534 Murrhardt
You can reach us:
– By telephone
+49 (0)71 92/22 208
– By fax
+49 (0)71 92/22 181
– By e-mail
Information on Rexroth tightening technology
can be found under
Additional information on service, repairs,
and training, as well as the current addresses
of our sales offices, can be found at
If you are located outside of Germany, please
contact your nearest Rexroth partner.
D-71540 Murrhardt


Table of Contents

Table of Contents