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Delivery Contents - Bosch Rexroth IM24V Manual


Table of Contents
3 609 929 B37/2008-09 | IM24V

3 Delivery contents

Persons who assemble, operate,
disassemble or maintain Rexroth products
must not consume any alcohol, drugs or
pharmaceuticals that may affect their ability
to respond.
The warranty only applies to the delivered
The warranty will not apply if the product is
incorrectly assembled, or handled or not
used as intended.
Do not expose the product to any mechanical
loads under any circumstances. Do not place
any objects on it.
During assembly
Make sure the relevant system component is
not under pressure or voltage before
assembling the product or when connecting
and disconnecting plugs. Protect the system
against being switched on.
Lay cables and lines so that they cannot be
damaged, are in accordance with the
bending radiuses, and no one can trip over
Before commissioning, make sure that all the
plug connectors are installed correctly,
undamaged, and that all screws are
During commissioning
Before commissioning, let the product
acclimate itself for several hours before
commissioning, otherwise water may
condense in the housing.
Make sure that all electrical connections are
either used or covered. Commission the
product only if it is installed completely.
Bosch Rexroth AG
During cleaning
Cover all openings with the appropriate
protective equipment in order to prevent
detergents from penetrating the system.
Never use solvents or aggressive detergents.
Only clean the product using a slightly damp,
lint-free cloth. Only use water to do this and,
if necessary, a mild detergent.
Dispose of the product in accordance with
the currently applicable national regulations
in your country.
Delivery contents
The delivery contents include:
• 1 IM24V interface module
• 1 operating instructions for the IM24V
interface module


Table of Contents

Table of Contents