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Before Calling For Service - LG GR-K35DSLVC Manual

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9. My refrigerator is making a strange vibrating noise.
- The refrigerator can make noise if the floor is not flat. Adjust the leveling legs to properly level your
10. My refrigerator makes a rattling noise.
- The compressor in the freezer rotates at a high speed, and also automatically starts and stops to adjust
the internal temperature. The vibration from the compressor causes the noise.
11. My refrigerator makes a buzzing noise.
- Buzzing noises may come from the compressor rotating in the freezer or from the fan.
12. My refrigerator makes a gurgling noise.
- The noise occurs while refrigerant (an agent that is used to provide cooling) flows through the cooling
system when the freezer starts and stops.
13. My refrigerator makes a clicking noise.
- The swelling and contracting of the parts make this sound because of temperature changes. The
electrical parts also make this noise when they turn on or off automatically.
14. My refrigerator makes a whooshing noise.
- When the freezer door is closed, the pressure inside the freezer lowers and makes that sound when
the outside air is sucked through tiny gaps.
15. My refrigerator makes a loud noise after I first start using it.
- When you first use your refrigerator or use it for the first time after moving, the compressor may make a
loud noise while adjusting to the proper temperature. The noise decreases after the freezer reaches the
correct temperature.
16. Dew forms outside of my freezer.
- Humid air in summer, especially during the rainy season, causes dewdrops on the freezer when the
warm air makes contact with the cooler surface. In this case, simply wipe it with a dry cloth.
17. Dew or frost forms inside of my freezer.
- When you open the freezer door, warmer air enters the freezer. As that warm air cools, it may form dew
or frost. It does not interfere with product performance, so feel free to leave it.
18. Heat is coming out from the front and sides of my refrigerator.
- It may feel hot, especially when it is first turned on, or in the summer months, but it is normal.



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