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Operations; Advice On Food Storage - LG GR-K35DSLVC Manual

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When your chest freezer is first installed, leave it for 2 or 3 hours for stabilization to normal operating
temperature before filling it with food.
Delay 5 minutes before restarting if operation has been interrupted.
Initially, set the chest freezer control at mid position. If you wish a colder
temperature,set the desired compartment control to a higher number.
The knob should be kept upright normally to adjust the temperature.
Power: when the light is on, the power is on.
Run: when the light is on, the compressor is working normally.
"off" stop the compressor.
"Max" is the strongest cooling position and is suitable for fast freezing.
Do not keep the knob at this point for long.
It is recommended to store items within load limit in order to
maximize freezer efficiency.


1. Never store hot food in the chest freezer. Always wait until cooled off.
2. When storing, cover food with vinyl wrap or store in acontainer with lid. When moisture in the food
evaporates, taste and nutrition of the food disappear as well.
3. Never place bottles in the freezer compartment.They may break while freezing.
4. Never refreeze food that has been thawed after being frozen. This would cause the taste and nutrition to
5. Clean food before yous tore it, so that adjacent food will not be spoiled.
6. There must be space between the foods stored in the cabinet, between the foods and the inner surface of
the cabinet, so as to keep good ventilation of cold air and freeze evenly. Do not put in any bottled or canned
beverage with freezing point above the temperature in the cabinet when it is below zero.
7. For foods that should be moisture-free or lose water easily, wrap them up with hermetical food bags or fresh
films before putting in the cabinet for the sake of avoiding smell-mixing and reducing frosting.
8. Storage of volatile and combustible gases, liquids such as strong alkalies, strong acids, petrol, etc. is
9. Always clean food prior to refrigeration. Vegetables and fruits should be washed and wiped, and packed
food should be wiped clean, to prevent adjacent food from spoiling.
10. When storing eggs in their storage rack, ensure that they are fresh, and always store them in a up-right
position, which keeps them fresh longer.
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