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Important Warnings - LG GR-K35DSLVC Manual

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To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using your product, basic safety
precautions should be followed, including the following. Read all instructions before using this
The dedicated outlet should be used.
• Using several devices at one outlet may cause
• The electric leakage breaker may damage food
and the dispenser may be leaked.
Do not pull out the cord or touch the
power plug with wet hands.
It may cause electric shock or injury.
Unplug the power plug when cleaning.
It may cause electric shock or injury.
Make sure of grounding.
The incorrect grounding may cause breakdown
and electric shock.
Do not install the chest freezer in the wet
place or the place which water or rain
Deterioration of insulation of electric parts may
cause electric leakage.
When gas is leaked, do not touch the
chest freezer or the outlet and ventilate
the room immediately.
Do not put bottle in the chest freezer.
It may freeze the contents to break the bottle to
cause injury.
Avoid the heating devices.
It may cause fire.
Do not extend or modify the length of the
power plug.
It causes electric shock or fire by the electric
damage of the power cord or others.
Do not allow the power plug to face
upward or to be squeezed at the back of
the chest freezer.
Water may be flown into or the plug may be
damaged, which causes fire or electric shock.
When the power cord or the power plug
is damaged or the holes of the outlet are
loosed, do not use them.
It may cause electric shock or short circuit to
make fire.
Accessibility of supply plug.
The chest freezer should be so positioned that the
supply plug is accessible for quick disconnection
when accident happens.
Do not damage, puncture, kink, stretch,
or twist the power cord.
A damaged power cord can cause fire or
Install the chest freezer on the solid and
level floor.
Installing it on the unstableplace may cause death
by falling down the chest freezer when opening or
closing the door.



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