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Troubleshooting - Black & Decker VC2600 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker use and care manual aspiradora vacuum cleaner vc2600
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Reinstalling Permanent Dust Bag
1. Slide clip onto the dust bag (U).
2. Insert the bag collar with arrow in the down position.
Place collar all the way down into the track guides (V).
3. Secure dust bag in place.
4. Close the canister lid.
Cleaning or Replacing Dust Filter
The dust filter is located in the back of the dust bag compartment.
1. Open the canister lid.
2. Grasp dust filter and pull up and out (W).
3. Shake over a trash can.
4. If needed, wash the filter in soap and water.
5. Allow to dry completely before replacing in the vacuum.
6. Insert cleaned dust filter or replace with a new one.
7. Close the canister lid.
Exhaust Filter
The exhaust filter is located in the back of the canister. Replace it at least every
6 months to ensure proper operation. It is not washable.
1. Turn the filter cover clockwise and pull out.
2. Grasp the filter and pull out (X).
3. Insert a new filter.
4. To replace filter cover, align the inserts on the filter cover
with the openings on the back of the vacuum canister.
Turn counterclockwise until it is secure in place.
Unit stores vertically for compact storage (Y).


Vacuum will not start.
Low suction or poor pickup.
Cord will not rewind.
It might be dirty or twisted.
Plug in firmly; press the On/Off
step-on push button.
Replace exhaust filter.
Empty dust bag.
Check for a clog in the flexible
hose or the expandable
telescopic chrome wand.
Clean or replace dust filter.
Clean the power cord.
Pull out cord, straighten and
press retractable cord step-on
push button.



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